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Monstercat and it’s artists are gamers! We have invested thousands of hours of our lives destroying zombies, building elaborate worlds, raiding end-game bosses, levelling up etc. It is a very large part of our lives!

In saying this, understand that we love the video content (machinimas, walk-throughs, montages etc) that many of you create! We are often asked what our policy is for using our music in YouTube videos – here it is!

Monstercat Music Licensing – YouTube Gaming Policy:


Monstercat music can be used in all video gaming content. We ask that all music used in a video be credited back to the original artist by linking to the original song in the video description.

A content-id match will automatically be applied to videos using our music. This guarantees that the original musician fairly receives a % of the audio portion of the advertising earnings. This does not affect the video or channel in any way. We have strong relationships with every major gaming network. (ie Machinima, Curse, TGS, Fullscreen, TGN) It will look like this:

The visual portion and a part of the audio portion are still available to be monetized in all YouTube video gaming content.

Finally, we do offer FREE commercial licenses to select content creators. This includes a 100% monetizable commercial license, our complete catalogue of music and a slew of free merch! Apply here:

These policies do not ONLY apply to gaming but to all YouTube video content. We want to wish you all the best and can’t wait to see the videos that you create!

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    Why MonsterCat Media is awesome: They don’t participate in that Youtube Copyright Infringement hunt.
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